User-friendly online environment that connects offline education
with online learning

Brightspace is now a fact. As of September 2019, over 20,000 students and over 5,000 lecturers have been using this user-friendly and responsive learning environment at Radboud University and Radboud university medical center. Brightspace offers contemporary tools such as discussion forums, formative assessments, a digital portfolio and supports knowledge clips and web lectures. Brightspace allows lecturers to connect offline education with online learning. Students can access their study material from anywhere and at any time.

What’s in it for you?

  • User-friendly and interactive digital learning environment
  • Access study material from anywhere at any time
  • Accessible via the web and a mobile app
  • Share files and give feedback easily
  • Integrated digital portfolio

Facts and figures (2018-2019)

2,000+ users

8,000 active courses

70,000 logins p/mnd

351 user guides

54 training courses

2.900+ support requests

“The design is uniform, sleek and white, which really catches your eye. There is also a voting feature that allows you to like things, similar to Facebook.”

Cor van Halen (Lecturer of Social and Cultural Psychology) participated in the pilots

Explore the possibilities of Brightspace

Brightspace anytime and anywhere

Brightspace offers students a flexible and interactive learning environment. It can be accessed online and with an app.

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Brightspace enriches education

Bjorn Eggen (lecturer Criminal Law) will explain how he and his colleagues use Brightspace to make a case study come alive.

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“One of the things I like about Brightspace is that it has a tab called Activities to which I can easily upload quizzes or assignments. And I can communicate with students via multimedia, by recording and sharing a short clip, for example.”

Amber Walraven (Lecturer at the Radboud Teachers Academy) participated in the pilots

The road to completion


Blackboard licence is expiring

Renew or not? Users are consulted


Digital Learning Environment is put out to tender

Drafting wishes and demands, user testing and selection

Fall 2017

Brightspace is granted the contract

Work is started on the design and layout

First half of 2018

Preparations, testing and training courses

Brightspace pilots and basic training course for all lecturers

From June 2018

Lecturers can get to work

OSIRIS and Brightspace are interconnected. The support team provides user support

From July 2018

Students have access via web and app

Academic year 2018/2019

Brightspace is a fact

20,000+ students and 5,000+ lecturers start using Brightspace