Digital Course Files

An online course administration provides insight, a good overview and ease of use

Course files contain all the ins and outs of a course. Who are the lecturers? What study materials have been used? How have students assessed the course? Digital course files have been available since 2016. It saves time, energy and paper. Coordinators can now simply keep a file online and see whether it is complete in an instant. This is useful when inspections are conducted and when improvements are being made to Radboud University’s education.

What’s in it for you?

  • Quality: always be prepared for evaluations and inspections
  • Overview: A traffic light icon indicates whether a course is complete
  • Uniformity: all files will be processed and saved using the same method
  • Safe storage of course information
  • Easy retrieval and transferring of course information
"Being able to save course content easily and instantly seeing whether the file is complete or not.”

Mariska Kleemans – Assistant Professor Communication Science

Facts and figures (2015-2019)

Dozens of scrum prints

2,200 hours of development

6,052 digital files

5 faculties

1,419 Lecturers

10,000+ documents

Digital course files: how will it benefit the lecturer?

Ciska Rouw and Mariska Kleemans (lecturers communication science) will explain how digital course files work and how it will benefit lecturers.

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The road to completion

April 2015

Question from the organisation

"Can we digitalise our course files?"

December 2015

First functional design

June 2016

ICT Service Centre starts development process

March 2017

Version 1.0 launches

Nijmegen School of Management is the first to use the digital course files

August 2017

The Faculty of Law and Communication Science join in

April 2019

Version 2.0 launches

Online access provides a better overview and makes it possible to upload files online

July 2019

The Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies go digital as well

September 2019

The exam committee is provided access to the course files

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