Experimental Gardens

Experimenting with innovation in education on a small scale

One can learn from innovation. The ICT in Education programme offered 59 lecturers, students and supporting staff financial and technical support. Over 30 experimental gardens were started. Each garden has it's own method and goals, but all aim to improve and boost education.

Let the experimental gardeners inspire you.

Generic e-learning template

A default e-learning template that will make it easier to actualise case studies and facilitate students with their studying.

Training module with video

Students can follow a step-by-step training module that will teach them about working with clients with a cognitive disability.

Speech training with TrainTool

Training of coaching conversations with TrainTool and learning from the feedback of fellow students.

Learning by reflecting on what has been done

Qualtrics makes it possible for students to analyse decision making by experiencing it themselves.

Knowledge on the iPad during residencies

Medicine students will always have access to relevant guidelines and theories.

start of 34 experimental gardens

Interactive practicing with coaching

Students can experiment with different coaching styles in an interactive module.

What can be done with H5P?

H5P is an open source author tool that can be used to quickly make educational material interactive. It can also be used for Brightspace.

Practice pronunciation digitally

Students will use a digital wiki to practice their American-English pronunciation. This can be done on a mobile phone or laptop.

Biological models with Micro:bit

A microcomputer will educate future lecturers about teaching computational thinking and modelling.

Easily remembering words with an app

Quickly mastering a language based on recent theories from the field of neuro science.

Atlas of international law

An interactive infographic on Brightspace will offer relevant treaties, literature, and knowledge clips for each case study.

“We are very excited and hope you will decide in our favour. Thank you for this great initiative.”

Live interaction in your digital classroom

How can you make sure people interact in a classroom where digital devices are used frequently? Nearpod will connect your class online.

Practicing your English with MyST

My Speech trainer (MyST) helps lecturers and students with practicing their English speaking skills.

Peer feedback with PeerApp

The tool PeerApp can be used by students to provide peer feedback on attitude, behaviour, and student’s role in the group.

59 experimental gardeners started their experiment

Virtual pleading in law

Students can practice their plea online and then ask their fellow students or teachers for feedback.

Video assignments support individual study

Flipped classroom allows students to prepare for class with knowledge clips. Will interactive videos support individual study in a better way?

Acquiring practical experience through a management game

Students will use a management game to apply the theory they have learned in a fictional enterprise, after which they will experience the consequences of their decisions.

Interactive conditional feedback

Students will receive automatised feedback through an interactive video when they are working on a mathematical problem.

Virtual brains in 3D

The GreyMapp app virtualises the human brain in 3D: a tool to study the anatomy of the brain.

Feedback on learning behaviour

The Plexuz app will provide students with personalised feedback about their learning behaviour. It will also provide information about knowledge gaps.

Developing yourself as a social Role Playing Game

An app will challenge students to practice their academic and professional skills inside and outside of the classroom.

over a 1000 students profit from the benefits of the experimental gardens

Entering the lab perfectly prepared

The e-learning tool LabBuddy helps students to make the most of their valuable and scarce time in the lab.

Method education in the curriculum

By integrating the Method education throughout the curriculum, students will always have access to the information.

Virtual excursions

Students can use 360 degree video (VR) technology to be introduced to practical situations they would not have access to under different circumstances.

Physics on your phone

Students can use their smartphones to measure physical phenomena they encounter in their own environment.

Joint learning experiences with VR

How do you make sure individual students stay focused when you watch a 360 degree video with a group?

Experience the principle of inertia with VR

Virtual Reality will help students and teachers to experience and understand the principle of inertia.

3 Experimental gardens continued growing with a Comenius Fellowship

Learning to write academically

Each student will receive automatic online feedback on their academic writing skills.

Biodiversity Route App

Students who are performing fieldwork will be provided with theoretical concepts through an app.

D-Pac: reliable assessment

D-Pac is an assessment tool that can be used to compare assessment in pairs. This will allow you to assess more objectively.

Online writing lessons from a distance

Flexible and online help provided on Brightspace for non-native speakers to improve their writing skills.

PeerTest: Students test eachother

Students will test one another with questions they have created themselves. This will give the teacher new insights about the knowledge their students possess.

Golden Egg Academy

Online aid for students that will help them turn their business idea into a full-fledged business plan.

Generic e-learning template

A default e-learning template that will make it easier to actualise case studies and facilitate students with their studying.